Sunday, January 17, 2016

Music Review #19:
The Grand Pecking Order

A line that I like very much from Oysterhead is from the title track of their album: "When all else has been done and said / along comes Mr. Oysterhead." I feel like this line really speaks to what Oysterhead really achieves here. It is quite different because of the very wide variety of musicians that perform.

The album in question is none other than The Grand Pecking Order, the only album by the super-group Oysterhead, from 2001. It's an interesting experience to hear hear Les Claypool sing with lyrics that belong in a Phish song (a band who is fantastic at creating inane lyrics), and that alone would be enough strangeness if it weren't for the fact that Les inputted alot as well. In all parts the album is surreal, funky, humorous, and everything in between. There's a healthy amount of tracks so a thorough experience is guaranteed. I'll quit my short-lived and tired ramblings now so you can go check these guys out. To think of it, that's a perfect analogy for the music, except these are much more structured then a blabbering sleep deprivated moron such as myself

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Originally written for Metal Music Archives on 10/3/2015.
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